Saturday, July 19, 2008

I've had enough

of everything I think. All I want to do is go to sleep for a week now and not have to deal with anything at all (yeah right, like that is going to happen)

S. can't consistently keep her bed dry. after a week of changing her sheets every morning I put a pull up on her yesterday (none of my cloth is big enough) and the little monster took it off before she went to sleep. if she'd told me i'd have got her up to go pee at midnight (not that that always works.) So, yet ANOTHER wet bed this morning.

on a tangent from that. If pillows are meant to be machine wash and dry-able. Why are they never the same shape afterwards? I need to get both kids new pillows now so they're not all funky shaped any more. can't afford it, they'll have to deal.

The lease on the house was up yesterday. I'm waiting for a loan to go into the bank (been waiting since LAST tuesday) so we can clear the rent quickly and hopefully get moved somewhere more suitable. or at least somewhere with a shower that doesn't scald and freeze you in the same 10secs.

E. likes to "make coffee" aka tipping whatever she's drinking all. over. the. floor. and throw her food around if it's not on whatever plate she wants it on. and hit me when she doesn't get her own way. and whine and cry for no reason. i hate the terrible twos. at least she saves it for home i guess. and rarely if we have company.

i see trish on friday, to hear "lando" again. it's so sweet when beth says to my belly "awww miss you lando" and then gives it a kiss. i've been up iwth tooth/jaw/ear ache all night. was thinking it was my teeth, but a freind pointed out the real possibility of TMJ. didn't think of that but it does fit. and paracetamol didn't touch the pain. that fits too. if it was just toothache 2 paracetamol works usually.

my right foot is all puffy and swollen, and i have NO clue what i've done to it. i just know it hurts. no other part of my body is swollen so i'm thinking it's not pregnancy related! i'm so good at random injurys!

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