Monday, July 28, 2008

gosh i'm in the 3rd trimester!

well, tomorrow (the baby count down is wrong on my page and i'm too lazy to change it!)

trish came to see me today. all looks good and "orlando" is head down now.. slightly off to one side today, but head down!

i'll see her again at 29wks.. gosh, that's only 2wks away! for my anti-d as i'm A- and clive and the kids are all *something* positive. and no lucozade as i can't stomach the stuff!

why is it i'm pregnant when teh summers are HOT?! we woke late today (unheard of for my two to sleep past 6.30a at the latest) i was first up at 8AM!!!! good greif, i had a lie in! sian and beth got up next at 8.50 and clive finally surfaced at around 9.30am.

i'm counting down to bath and bed time here as i am dripping with sweat and doing nothing. i hate being inactive but i just get too nauseous when i start playing round. not to mention my spd is starting to kick back in again (forgot to mention that to trish.) i'm not even thinking about going to hte gym, there's no air con up there i'll either faint or throw up!

next week is our last sign class before september. good greif it's gone quick. sian and beth have learnt a whole host of signs, how to put them together as a sentence AND the grammer taht goes with BSL as opposed to grammer when you speak. (ex. in BSL "what's your name?" is signed "name you what")

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