Saturday, July 12, 2008

i need a moan.

money is tight. and i've been trying to find out if i'm entitled to anything while i'm pregnant. the answer is no. clive works too much, and i don't work at all. if i went to work we'd lose what benefits/tax credits we *do* get and have to find childcare into the bargain.

we're in rent arrears more than i thought- i'd thought next months payment would clear them up but it won't, so we're stuck in this horrible house for even longer. we're not getting anywhere on locata at all because of the arrears, and also as there's no point us being moved from a 2bed to a 2bed when come November we'll be needing a 3bed.

the car has a flat battery and a full tank of petrol. so it's sitting there doing nothing and costing us insurance. can we even afford to run it when the tax goes up? i defintley can't fit 3 carseats in the back (actually i have 2 more to try but i'm not really ready for sian to go into a booster jsut yet!) and she wouldn't be able to buckle herself in (nor will anyone else!) in the middle position. if we can't jump start the car then it's something bigger and more expensive. we don't need that.

the kids look like they need new shoes again. and i just bought a whole bunch of supplies for schoolwork for the girls taht i can't really afford now that we're over drawn on the overdraft *again* love how i'ts always me who has to manage on that front never clive. ah well. guess me and the girls are stuck at home a bit more then. gives us time to pack the hosue up i suppose.

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