Wednesday, July 02, 2008

23 weeks!

The best belly picture I could get with the camera set on timer and balanced precariously on the window ledge!!

Had my "big" scan yesterday. Orlando is curled up nice and tight and breech at the moment. Bum right down low (and pressing on my bladder!) feet by the nose. All my kids seem to be able to "pick their nose with their toes!" Little toad was moving when we tried to get measurements, and staying still when we wanted movement! Everything is looking good though, we saw long fingers and feet. a little heart and all the chambers working. cute little nose (looks like daddys!) and lips.

The ultrasonographer also did blood flow to my womb, the placenta and through the umbillical cord. Doesn't look like I'll be having any problems *at the moemtn* like i did with Sian. So, unless Orlando stays breech or Trish thinks I need another scan for whatever reason that was my last one (yay!)

As I don't have a scanner and the digi cam pics i tried to take of my scan pics didn't come out, I can't share them as promised :o(

oh yes... it's a...................................... BABY!!!!

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