Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's EDUCATION that's compulsory

NOT school. I wish I could get that into people's heads. Clive and I have decided to Home School indefintately, we want the girls to enjoy *learning* and not learn x,yz because the national curriculum says that's what is a 4yo should be doing at a certain time. Babies learn to roll, sit, crawl and walk at different times. That different time zone extends to children and education. It's why a 3yo girl may be able to sing the "ABC" song at the begining of nursery, but a boy who's birthday is at the end of the same school year may not know it till the end of the year.

it's why sian at 4 still can't hold a pencil properly, but her 2yo sister can. they have different learning curves. sian can learn and sign reliably. beth understands signs but can't sign them back. sian recognizes numbers and some letters. beth can count but doesn't recognize any numbers yet. it will come when her brain is ready to process it.

time to join either HEAS (although maybe not till they're a bit older) or education otherwise
for some support and advice. i've been using muddle puddle for my early years stuff as it has links to all sorts of lovely pictures and games.

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