Friday, March 17, 2006

woo hoo!

after being shoved from pillar to post about our housing/council tax benefits... we got confirmation today (finally) that we qualify for them!!! no more rent arrears.... well almost cause theres no way we could find £228/wk we appear to be in £2000 arrears, BUUUUUUT we won't be any longer! about £200 maybe cause i've been feeding sian instead, that can easily be remedied in the next couple months (i hope lol)

So that was the good news for the day. And the sad bit of the day was we went to our last "stay and play" at the focus centre today. Two more weeks (packing and creche for adult ed. courses) and it's going to be demolished and a new building and room are going to be in teh space. The new room is smaller, but has its own kitchenette, a quiet room, sensory room, kid sized loos and a garden....

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fiberfanatic said...

time to start her eating more and more on her own so the council will pay more, eh? sounds like a plan!