Friday, March 24, 2006

e-bay, baby!

wow! i jsut sold 5 of my small fuzzibunz on ebay. for £5 each. I'm stoked. and 2 more are going at auction. my house on monday will be releived of..

5 pairs of too big trousers
5 small cloth nappies

my paypal account will be£50 or so richer! woohoo!

if you're interested in bagging a baby clothes bargain (theres other stuff there too!) then feel free to take a peek


fiberfanatic said...

5 times 5 is 25 pounds not 50. That does not compute! LOL Good luck! Had to go see your auction to see what a fuzzybunz was!

wheezeybouncer said...

actually it's £40 of dipes, £5 of pants and a bundle for shipping. sian got 2 new dresses