Monday, March 27, 2006

who told her she could...

...grow up so darned fast?

beth has decided that (despite all mama's intentios to wait till 6mos) she's ready for real food as well as mama milk :o(

banana, apple, hummus and yoghurt. that's what she's tasted so far. she stole sian's yoghurt spoon and shoved it in her mouth like it was going out of fashion, darnit i wish i'd had the camera handy!

i guess i'll be spending a little more time in the kitchen then so that we can give hre some of whatever we're having. i really am gonna be breaking out the babysafe feeder aren't i

The photo is from one of our stay and play sessions and a perfect example of how to use a "treasure basket" She's been sitting up since she was about a week shy of 5mos and the main reason the boppy is behind her is the floor is solid wood and i was doing "snack time" after i snapped her

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