Friday, March 03, 2006

temporary housing

yes, i'm carrying on the housing saga. it'll be a bit jumpy (i apologize) but i'm catching up!

so, we were offered a house that was unfit for habitation, *but* they'd already given us a day to leave the B&B. what would they do next? we had 3 days left there.

we got a nice little (i'm used to large places!) house a few minutes away from the B&B. it has a big front garden and a small back garden. 2 bedrooms (double & single), 1/2 bathroom (you whack your elbown on teh shower surroudn when you're on the toilet!) living room & kitchen.

i couldn't fit in teh shower when i was pregnant, not that it mattered, it leaked down in to the kitchen so we travelled over to my parents weekly to wash properly. i was NOT impressed when the landlord didn't have it fixed till beth was 3wks old though.

i've managed to get two cots into the single bedroom- there is now nowhere for the kids to play upstairs! but theres no storage to speak of so beth is still in her moses basket/ our bed and her cot is the girls "wardrobe" i'll have to take a picture of the room though cause i'm happy with the general effect. at least the kids have some drawers to use. clive and i get to use the floor and a couple tubs for our clothes storage. i'm never too sure which is the dirty washing and which is the clean!

i guess some pictures of our new place then? we're lucky to live in a sure start area ( so i take teh kids to "stay and play" most days to get us out the house, the girls socialising and stop me stressing! i also started a course - didn't finish it as beth wasn't ready to be left though i gave it a go. all this is free which is helpful as we're in rent arrears, but that's another rant!

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