Thursday, March 09, 2006


it's official, bethy-boo can sit up all on her ownsome!

she's been trying a while and saturday could do 10-20 second stretches with the boppy cushion behind her, by tuesday she was able to sit for a long stretch unaided with nothing!

she's 5mos today and i looked back at sian's red book to see what she was doing at the same age. well not sitting that's for sure! she was all over the shop.

speaking of my oldest. she's just leaped from the 2% to the 25% for height in teh past 2mos. she grew 8cms in that time- no wonder she's been eating me out of house and home. last time she got weighed she'd gained 8oz in like 6wks and hit the 10kg (22lbs) mark taking her off the 2% and up there too!

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fiberfanatic said...

Wow! Beth is 5 months already and sitting up! And Sian is starting to grow! Such changes!

Thanks for posting to your blog so I can keep up!

Love, Mary