Thursday, August 23, 2012

extra curricular activities!

thanks to the guys at archery (they do more than just that!) the whole family has had a go at archery, kayaking and canoeing. Even the littlest and biggest ones. I've rediscovered something I used to really enjoy. And although I get annoyed with myself, I do enjoy shooting and trying to better myself a LOT. AND I've started to enjoy canoeing. I want to do more with out the kids. Here are a few  pictures from our adventures with Andy and Gareth.

 The arrows I shoot are almost as big as my boy!
 Grampa helping Rick shoot

 Sian's Gold
 first kayak session

 PFDs give really bad wedgies!!
 ready for the family trip out in the canoes (we tied 2 together)

me and the girls on the water with a little help from Gareth.

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