Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Year

Well, This time last year I had my doubts about everything. I can say. That moving to Wales has been the BEST thing we could have done. Even though neither of us has a job (I care for my father, Clive is a SAHD). We're a 10minute walk from the BEACH, 10mins to the swimming pool, 10mins to school (quicker if no-one dawdles!), 2mins to ASDA, 20mins to my parents, 20minutes to the big town, 90mins from Cardiff.....

Sian *loves* school again!! She has had a FANTASTIC Year 3 and a BRILLIANT combination of her teacher Mr Saunders (sadly now retired) and the Teaching Assistant Mrs Button. They have found her learning spark again. She WANTS to be at school. She's learning Recorder, Violin and Piano. Picking up Welsh as fast as if she was born here (she over took several of her peers in the first *term*) loving the practicality of her lessons. Mr S is a visual teacher. She still doesn't like handwriting LOL but Mr S has worked with her all year on it. Not forced her, just encouraged her. I doubt she'll ever enjoy hand writing as much as reading! She demolishes books- a bit like her Mama then! She's settled into her new Brownie Pack and made some fantastic friends. She's taken up Judo, Archery and Kayaking! I say the swimming is non-negotiable. We live near the sea!

 Playing at the Beach
 Brownie Badge Day
 GOLD! When she does hit the target it's a good one!
My little shrimp isn't so little any more. She's growing up too fast. 

Beth has had a harder time leaving her friends behind. But she's made equally fantastic new ones here too. And (bragging rights here!) moved up to Yr2 a term early- partly for spacing reasons but if she wasn't so clever they'd have moved someone else instead of her. She's been working in a group of Yr2 children all year anyway- they have a fairly open plan layout in the infant department and work in groups from 1-9. Beth has been in Grp8 all year. The only Yr1 to be that high up. there are 2 in Grp7. (they're the other 2 that moved up a term early). She has tried rhythmic gymnastics, judo, street dance and found something that she really enjoys. Who'd have thought I'd have a horse rider in my family! She'd love to be up the farm with her friend and the horses all the time but taht's not possible ;o) She didn't settle into her Rainbow Group here. So after 2terms I let her give up. Although she'd love to go back, jsut not to the group she was in before. It was partly the time- 6pm Friday is awkward when you need to walk 30mins to get there. It was ok when she could scooter or go by car but in the dark it wasn't possible to scoot and we didn't have a car till a month ago. She's not allowed to give up swimming either. 
 My absolutely GORGEOUS (OK I'm biased) Second Daughter. 
 We tried to get her to be quiet.. the GobStopper is HUGE (2wks on she's still going with it!) But it hasn't quietened her down any LOL.
\ On Smokey (her responsibility) who's retired now. She cares for him at the stables where he's living out his life in peace and quiet with lots of love from some little girls.
Down on the beach. Cefn Sidan this time. Which is a blue flag award beach. And is a 20minute drive from us. Here there are life guards. At our beach, even though it is well used and very popular, there are not.  The girls went wave jumping in the rain!

Rick. My baby. He's not a baby any more (I'm a BIG boy). He's spent a year at a Welsh Medium pre-school. Understands (and can speak) Welsh as well as English. If he KNOWS you speak English, you've no hope with Welsh! He'll answer my questions in English LOL. I'm a little sad that all last years work won't really be to much avail as he's going to school with the girls and it's an English Medium school. But there are only 2 Welsh schools near us and both are over subscribed :O( He's enjoyed having parks, the beach, an open field, friends, swimming all close by. His best friend here is another Josh. But they'll not be going to the same school in September. We haven't even managed to meet up in the holidays thanks to the weather. 

 There is an ice cream parlour at the beach. Rick's Favourite is the "booo" one... it's bubble gum and seriously sickly sweet!
 Rick and Sam Tan. We were at a child safety event. 
 Hiding in a tree. See, not a baby any more!
Playing at the beach.

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