Monday, August 27, 2012

Christmas is a Coming....

of course, so are birthdays! So I thought I'd see what I've accumulated for the kids for presents this year....

Sian (27th December):

Hello Kitty Tee Shirt
Little Miss Tee Shirt
Lip Balm

Beth (9th October):

Harry Hill TV Burp DVD
Lip Balm

Rick (5th November):

Cars Lego
City Lego
Spiderman Mask
Cars 2 Diecast
Hot Wheels Car
Chuggington Jigsaw game
Chuggington Repair Shed
Chuggington DVD
Roary DS Game

I think I need to find more for the girls! And Beth's birthday is rapidly approaching LOL. So far she has 1 DVD and a lip balm for her stocking! I think I shall just make sure they all have the same amount to open in their own boxes this year. Christmas is overrated!

I also know what they're getting from

GrannyJan and Grandad for Christmas- A guide dog (sponsoring)

Birthdays from Uncle Steve

B: Tinkerbell Slippers
R: Spiderman Skateboard
S: Muppets DVD

Christmas from Uncle Steve

B: Minnie Mouse Beauty Kit
R: Spider Man Car
S: Goofy Mug

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