Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hampton Court Bank Holiday Monday

We went to see the fun and feasting that happened during the Marriage of King Henry VIII to Kateryn Parr on Monday. So much to see, so little time to do it has never held so true!

We started out with a lovely picnic in the Tiltyard gardens. The girls played their version of hide and seek amongst the trees when they’d finished eating, and a family of ducks came to say hello. Then GrannyJan, Sian and Beth all got dressed up in cloaks suitable to greet the King before we went to make merry.

First the children were all asked to act out a pageant of sporting achievements. The girls were tennis players and horse riders. Others showed his ability at jousting and boxing. The king enjoyed the show very much and the children were rewarded with a groat each. Beth still has hers (in the car somewhere!)

After the king enjoyed the children’s performance, everyone was invited to watch the fencing. Sian and Beth got caught up with the crowds and GrannyJan couldn’t catch up with them. I couldn’t as I was trying to wrestle Rick into his stroller! I thought they’d end up there and I wanted to see it anyway. So, off they went without a care in the world. Oh. My. Gosh. It was crowded. At least I knew where my two were headed so I could go after them and not be too worried. Another Mum lost her little girl in the crowd and the poor mite was petrified. I found the girls where I expected too. GrannyJan had other ideas though LOL. She couldn’t catch them so she got palace security to look for them! By the time they’d found them I had caught them up and we were happily watching the fencing. Unfortunately the only person with a phone was *me* so I couldn’t let the Grandparents know. I think the girls enjoyed the fuss though LOL. The security guards came and interrupted the fencing class to take them back to Granny. I rescued them from the end of the arena (couldn’t get through the crowds with the stroller) and told the security guard that sending children *back* to parents at the end of each event might be a better plan for next time. The day before apparently about 100 people went through to the fencing!!

Having got all 6 of us in the same place again and the girls unable to go back to the fencing class, we bought ice creams and waited for the land train ride. The carriages were pulled by two shire horses, named Aragon and Roy. They stood 18.2 hands high and weighed in at a good tonne each. Gorgeous beasts. It took us three attempts to get on the ride though LOL.

Refreshments in the Privy Kitchen were called for after that, as well as a freshening up in the facilities. I have NEVER seen a slice of chocolate cake disappear as fast as Sian’s did, I didn’t get a look in! Beth enjoyed what she ate of the banana and walnut cake and Rick, Sian and I all shared some yoghurt and fruit (mmmmm)

The final entertainment of the day was dancing for the new Queen arranged by her sister to remind her of her childhood. Sian and Beth joined in with that too. They didn’t quite get the steps right but they had a good old go and had lots of fun which was the most important thing of all!

I think we just had our first visit to Hampton Court Palace without visiting the kitchens! Normally we spend ages in there as its Sian’s favourite place to go. And they were working this weekend too- poor cooks! They use the methods and ingredients that would have been used when King Henry VIII was there and it was sweltering OUTSIDE , I can only imagine how hot those stoves must have felt!

(need camera batteries, will post photos later)

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Thanks! What a delightful day and told so well! Love you!