Monday, May 25, 2009


Rick has (ok, had) some really nasty eczema behind his knees and on the tops of his thighs. I should have taken pics, especially after i put the *prescription* moisturizer on him. Poor boy looked like he was burnt. I got some Aveeno for him (must get the gp to do me a prescription for that) and it helped a LOT, just one day and the redness subsided by 50%. But the thing that is really making a difference is this from upsydaisy nappies. Just ONE application and his skin was sooo much softer. I can see the difference just a few days later. His skin is still red at the knee backs but the thighs the redness is just from his nappy digging in a little (can't have it looser or he gets in there and scratches!

The girls got a hold of my camera (with permission) and I just found a photo to show how much it's improved.. so you can imagine how it *was* from this pic

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