Tuesday, May 19, 2009

6 months.

that's how long it's taken to get the last room in the house unpacked. and i am ready to paint it!! We have a colour chosen and just need to get some polyfilla for the holes left by curtain rails from previous tenants (we'll drill new holes for our own rails when we finally get curtains!) and the paint itself.

Beth and Sian have been having fun with my camera so i'll get their pics off it later. there may even be some half decent ones! And of course I have pics of the kids that I took too.

We got Beth's nursery photos today. Why is it when I take their photos they don't cooperate. If anyone ELSE takes them they are sweet as bloody candy?! How can I improve my skills if my models don't play ball LOL.


moonduster said...

Glad you are finally unpacked!:)

fiberfanatic said...

Welcome to reality! ;)