Monday, March 14, 2005


i am so bad at updating this! it's been over a month since i told you all about my positive pregnancy test.

my first ante-natal appointment is on March 24th. and i am *telling* them that i'm having a home water birth. of course if they come up with "your too fat" like alst time i'll just get them to put it in writing and send it off to the Department of Health and AIMS ( i have a list of phrases to try and learn and remember.... placenta brain has set in early hehe.

what has happened since i last wrote?

sian and i have both had ear infectoins. that was a great birthday. stuck in the dr's surgery and feeling grotty to boot. shrimpy's cutting teeth - when isn't she? one of them should be through soon by the looks of it. i'll have to try and get a toothy picture.

we're waiting for an appointment to have shrimp tested for cows milk allergy. i've only been after this for a year! and i am missing things like ice cream lol trouble is if i have it, someone else wants it. oh and she's still nursing like a champ! i can't see her quitting anytime soon.

morning sickness sucks. and hwoever named it must have been a bloke! it's with me 24/7 . i know i can stnad to lose a few pounds but it's not nice praying to the porcelain throne all the time. and poor sian is starting to think the telly is her mama i'm sure. i'm so not the mama i was just a couple of months ago. only 30weeks to go!


pregnancyweekly said...

Try saltines, dry toast, lollipops, cinnamon candy, bananas. Those are just some of the remedies I have heard others used. For me, it was saltines.

wheezeybouncer said...

thank you. none of them are working for me this time round. i'm just going with if it stays down it's all good lol