Friday, March 18, 2005

the pregnancy post lol

well. after 6weeks of nausea from hell i feel great today! i don't think i'll beleive that #2 is on hte way till i have an ultrasound though heh

yesterday we took sian to a playgym in the morning where she got to bounce around to her hearts content and play in the ball pond. then we went for a nice swim in the afternoon. the only draw back to the swim was that it's a good 45mins drive away. it's a great pool for shrimpy though as it's a leisure pool so she can crawl around in the shallow water. she loved the slide and was crawling up it and sliding down on her own!

oh we have boobage alert lol. well dear blog. i'll sign off again. you got two posts in one day though. please be impressed

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