Thursday, March 24, 2005

no ice cream this summer

finally! it's taken over a year. but today we got the skin prick testing done for sian's milk allergy.

i got a call from the day unit yesterday, tried to phone back all afternoon. finally got trhough this morning.

"can you come in for testing today?"
"sure, let me get a banana"
"ok, no rush"

so, we get there and the nurse shows sian that it doesn't hurt by doing it on me. oh boy she screamed blue murder! but we got a drop of saline, histamine and concentrated cows milk on her arm.

went off and played for 2o mins.. after a quick nursing session. gotta love the comfort factor of them!

histamine- no reactoin
saline- no reaction
milk- weird reaction, but deifntley wasn't there before we started.

*sigh* guess there's no ice cream for us this summer! ah well, we didn't get any last year either!

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