Saturday, December 29, 2012

New House- 2012!

So, we took the house. It's definitley bigger than the one across the road. And, the only disadvantage to it is the lack of upstairs loo LOL. I sometimes think my friends idea of a bucket is a good one! However, let me share some photo's. Please excuse the mess but it's Christmas and we've got presents all over the place. Once the kids are back at school it will be tidy again LOL.

 Sian's new bedroom
Her reading/music corner

 Sian's Storage- limited!!
Our bedroom- Can really only stand up at the end of the bed!!

 Our stairs- see how steep they are?!
Beth's bedroom

 Beth's study area & storage
Rick's bedroom

 Kids landing- our stairs are just past the white planks!
Sian in her doorway

 Living/dining/music area

 dining area
Kitchen- so much better laid out. Now I just need to sort it out!!