Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We had a lovely Christmas here in Wales this year. My parents came over for the day- first time they've been to someone else's house in all the years they've been together :)

We started the day with Stockings from Santa
The goodies in there included such niceties as Bath Bombs from LUSH, Slipper Socks, Fruit, Sweeties and Books.

Then we waited a couple of hours for Daddy to wake up before we opened Santa's BIG gifts!

Roller Skates for the girls- although we're now waiting for the rain to stop so they can go out and try them out. I forsee a few squeezed fingers! And a Spiderman Remote Control Car for Rick- that has to go back to the shop as it only goes in a funny sideways/forward direction.

A little while to explore the boxes and then it was time for Santa's other gift that he left- Always a new outfit for the day. And this year he hit the spot with all of them!

A slightly grown up dress for #1, Minnie Mouse dress for #2 and Batman Tee and Spiderman Trousers for #3. I must say, for a shortie, Sian's got bloomin' long legs! I think most people born in 2003 are just bigger than *her*!

I'm a mean Mammy. Then it was time to get ready for our visitors, so bathtime and get dressed it was, while I started on lunch... I forgot the peas and corn, not good in the grand scheme of things in our house! So I put the oven on to pre-heat and tried to call the parents.... an HOUR later I remembered the roast hadn't gone in the oven. Our 12.45 lunch was now going to be a 1.45 lunch. Oops. So, to tide them over, we let everyone open a gift while the food was cooking

One of Rick's current obsessions is Power Rangers, so he got his sisters Power Ranger toys. Now he wants his own too. Granny got some gold paint that she'd asked for and Grandad got a bottle of whiskey that we stopped him buying! Rick opened the chuggington puzzle in the picture above! He really does get the whole present opening lark now. It was a struggle to keep him contained!

Rick got a goodly haul of presents from the family- blood and heart. Although he wasn't sure what to  make of the charades game that his great uncle got him! He's not a sit down and do child, definitley a boy!! He needs to get back to gymnastics and he enjoyed judo when he went with Sian last week. Anyway, here's some of his stash!

The girls had a similar amount but took a lot of their goodies up to their rooms when they were asked to so that it didn't get trampled!

The Red box is Beth's pile and the Purple box is Sian's pile. I didn't realise I'd picked up Beth a 3DS game.. and when she went to play it we discovered it won't fit her DS. So with her pennies she's buying herself a shiny new 3DS.
And I can't leave a Christmas post with no PJ post. The kid's Aunty Sarah came through with her PJ hunt again. Rick has Spiderman ones- that with the mask he got make a perfect spidey outfit! And the girls got onesies:
So that's pretty much Christmas done for another year. We have a few gifts left to distribute... when we go to Feltham in January, which the kids don't know about yet! I'm trying to leave it as late as possible to tell them the news! Or all we'll get is "are we going today?"

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