Monday, March 05, 2012

My birthday

 My lovely cards and gifts
 The raffle prize
Body part cakes!!
Rabbit Race!

So, it's my first birthday back in Wales (well, it was last week) My first birthday without my Grampy. And a chance to get to know some new friends a bit better. And oh boy did we get to know each other better!!

For my birthday I decided to hold a "Girls Night In" at my house. Find an Ann Summers Rep. Check. Invite some friends. Check. Sort out a date. Check. 

We had 2 Ann Summers Virgins that night. Oh my gosh, I'm not sure if they're scarred for life or can't wait for the next one! We did all the usual things you would at a catalogue party. Saw some samples. Had some food. Played some games. Oh the games!

We made up stories about who/what/where/when we were/wanted to be with regard to our partners. We got up close and personal with each other in Granny Pants. We laughed. We tried different flavoured gels for various body parts. We experienced the power of the rabbit. We RACED the Rabbits- it's the video above us!

I spent the afternoon baking cakes with body parts on them.  And then Michelle our Rep came in... with a huge ol' Cock Cake. Well that was it. I'd just put the cupcakes down and I fell about laughing. 

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Test Guide said...

"Happy Birth Day"

Many happy returns of your life.

Test Guide