Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Duracell Bunny!

That is what Rick reminds me of. Trouble is as he's 3 there is little for him to do. Most things will take him the term he turns 4. That's almost a year away!

So far he's tried

Street Dance @Dancing Diva's 50/60mins- got bored! Plus they weren't really happy having him

Judo- this he enjoys but the timings are off for us- M/W/F 6.30-8 & Sa 2-4

Gymnastics- It didn't wear him out! But he enjoyed and is going back

Street Dance @Stella Just Dance- full hour. Loved it *and* he's allowed back even though he's technically too young

Swimming- needs to be able to reach the bottom of the pool before he can take lessons but he goes weekly with Daddy any way

The reason Saturday Judo isn't so good is the swimming @10 followed by piano @12.30 at some point they need feeding! Evenings aren't so good as he's usually ready for bed around 8ish.

So we're going with Stella & Gymnastics & Swimming for now and lets see if that wears him out a little!

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