Monday, July 04, 2011

Roll on Summer Hols!

Sian's desperate not to go to school. She came down this morning in her normal clothes not her uniform.

first it was not feeling well, but she couldn't say how.
then it was sewing is too hard, that was her choice to do sewing club- which incidentally wasn't on today!
then it was cause she has to do "Horrid Henry" in Literacy. In English (we're in England?!)

Sometimes I think it'd be easier to just Home School her. But then would Beth want to be home schooled as well. She's a very sociable child. She loves break and dinner time. That's about all she enjoys these days!

Her ideal curriculum would go like this:


I could do that home schooling. She won't get it at school... what to do... roll on summer hols!

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Melody said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. I'm in the US, and just stopped homeschooling this year. Our daughter went to high school; she's 16. We thought about homeschooling in Britain about 8 years ago, but my husband's company decided not to send us across the pond. I encourage you to give it at try. When a kid hates going to school, there's usually a reason. BTW, hope your current situation, with housing and all, is figured out soon!