Saturday, January 16, 2010

I got a new computer. It's costing me £35/month but that does include both my laptop and my internet! DIS advantage.... all the photos are on the other computer! Oh and Clive can't use the laptop on the sofa- his legs are too short! However he can plug the USB into the desktop to surf the net on that one. Or just take this to the dining room and put it on the table. I'm loving being able to surf and watch Biggest Loser!

School started with biiiig disruption. We had *snow* Lots of pretty white, cold snow. So the kids were in Mon/Tues, finished early Weds off Thurs/Fri the first week back after Christmas (must do xmas post!) Monday we still had snow. But we have a sensible head teacher and school was on. Thank GOODNESS I didn't sell the bugaboo in the end! It didn't like getting snow stuck in the front wheels though. One thing that has resulted from the weather is that mornings are slightly easier now. The kids have been going in through the front and going straight to class and they're carrying that on for a few weeks to see how well it works. Saves a 5minute trek round to the back playground! We still pick them up from the back though, but that is ok for me as I get one or the other then run round and pick whichever I haven't picked up yet.

On another school related note. Sian isn't enjoying year 1 so much as reception. BUT she came running out of school the other day very happy. She said "finally, I got a chance to be star of the day" She was sooo pleased bless her. I do miss home schooling her. Since she went to school she appears to have lost her independence and ability to think for herself. She has fostered her love of reading though (although she doesn't like reading to me- we're going for some rewards to encourage that) and she's quite popular apparently, even her teacher likes her LOL (she reminds her of her at the same age!)

Beth has brought home "Bobby Bear" the nursery mascot this weekend. We had loooots of fun when Sian brought "Lucy Ladybird" home last year! Bobby is coming shoe shopping with us today. And tomorrow we're chilling with Finding Nemo and the Wii. Weather doesn't allow for trampolining with Bobby, but he did help me to tidy up the girls library, sorry I mean bedroom! Last night. I have far too much fun with these stuffed animals LOL.

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