Sunday, November 08, 2009

Frederick is 1 already?!

So for his actual birthday Rick invited his friends Evie and Safyia out for cupcakes with their respective growed ups. He also took along his small big sister as she was off school thanks to choking on her fruit shoot in the play ground..........

Cupcake Rick demolished above (christmas pudding!) and the cupcake the girls demolished (chosen by their Mama's!) below (black forest)

Here's what happened

Evie got her cup cake fed to her by Mummy

Saffy got her pretty bib on to save her clothes from messes

And Mummy fed her.. she wasn't sure at first but..

Oh yeah, can't keep a girl from her chocolate!

Mama let Rick loose with *his* cupcake, much to his delight and his friends Mama's dismay!

He got stuck into it well and truly

AAAALLLL round his chops!

And up his nose!

And in his tummy! It was yummy yummy!

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