Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beth is FOUR!!

Lauren from Beth's old nursery

Abbie from Beth's old nursery

Evie from School

Rick's girlfriend Evie

opening presents (we needed to fill some time while the cake was being prepared LOL)

cutting her tink cake

the cake

Beth's boyfriend Logan

Beth and Evie

party food!

So, someone told my baby girl she could turn FOUR a couple of weeks ago?!?!?! She asked for a tea party at home with "Abbie, Lauren, Evie, Logan and Amy" and Mama pulled the Mama card so that Sian, Rick and little Evie came too LOL. Our dining room looks BIG until you put 9 children and 6 adults in it, then it's teeny tiny LOL.

Apart from one temper tantrum from Beth when she couldn't get her own way during pass the parcel it went off relatively ok. We were late home thanks to some trouble at school with a freinds daughter and we needed to wait to talk to her teacher.

Eat, play games, open parcels, have cake was the order of the day. Beth's birthday fell on a Friday and it was the end of the school week so I opted to have them munch as soon as they got here. Yup, food kinda disappeared fast! Note to self, don't bother with sandwiches in future! Then while I cleared the table my friend got them playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Table moved we had them sit down in a circle for Pass the Parcel. Where Beth had her most spectacular melt down as she wanted to open ALL the layers of the parcel. I threatened to send ehr to her room then! Once that was sorted out however and we cleared the paper away and everyone had a little something we got the music on again for musical statues... which was a disaster as NOONE could stay still LOL. It was HILARIOUS! So after about 3 attempts at statues we switched it out to musical bumps. Much, MUCH more successful! Somehow though the kids managed to rush through EVERYTHING and we ended up with time left over and no room for shrinkles (my back up activity!) so I opted to let Beth open her presents while I got the cake ready. At least this way she could say thank you in person to everyone! Cake was cut and eaten, grown ups had Krispy Kremes and then everyone went home with a party bag and prize of some sort.

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