Sunday, May 18, 2008

housing update.

we had an appointment wiht the direct lettings officer last week. clive was working so it was just me and the girls. i felt like crap and she was running late. and the kids were hungry (i swear they just EAT!)

our lease here is up on July 20th, although we won't have to move out that day if there is nowhere to go. our options are this. all include us keeping our place and priority date on the locata list

option #1 (we don't think so, this house is too small for the 2 kids we have) stay here but pay rent direct to the landlord. and if you've been keeping up with the blog. things keep going wrong!

option #2 let the council move us as many times as needed untill we're offered a permanent place through locata. this could well be another 3-4yrs. it's taking SIX years to house people as the council didn't rebuild after the right to buy scheme in the 1980's (i was still at primary school then!)

option #3 find our own property and keep bidding. this would be fine IF we could go from a 2 bed to a 3 bed before "orlando" arrives. but they will only cover the cost of a 2 bed property till "orlando" is here (and probably a year old) UNLESS we can find a 3 bed property that costs the same as a 2 bed to rent, i've seen ONE.

we're decided to go with #2, even though it means we could potentially be moved every year (unlikely, we've been here almost 3yrs now) but we see no point direct letting a 2bed property when we know that we'll need 3 beds within the next 9mos.

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