Thursday, April 24, 2008

update on the house.

we got a short notice visit from our housing officer on tuesday (she phoned clive monday). they're not renewing the lease on this property woohoo! BUT she didn't say when the lease was up, jsut that either they would have to rehouse us or we'd have to find somewhere ourselves. i've seen places that would be perfect for us BUT it's trying to find estate agents that will accept housing/council tax benefit as rent alone would take ALL of clive's wages *and* some of our child tax credits leaving less than £300/month for food/bills/petrol/clothes

the shower started leaking again a couple weeks ago. it was fixed yesterday- of course the girls are now covered head to toe in red paint till we can shower them tonight. ah well. a little dirt won't hurt and we haven't gone anywhere today. the socket in teh kitchen that has never worked.... still doesn't as we don't know where it was supplied from but someone should be coming to find out... sometime! AND the girls bedroom door might even get fixed on wednesday if we're lucky!! it's been almost a year now!

for the first time in forever there were places i could bid on in locata.... but they're only big enough for 2-4people and we need somewhere a little bigger. but i have to bid or we get kicked off the list. hopefully they don't offer us one :o/ never thought i'd be saying THAT! i will miss the garden here though


fiberfanatic said...

hey, keep me informed! Woo=hoo on moving!

wheezeybouncer said...

i posted an update further up. i really need our numbers to come up on the lottery!