Thursday, July 27, 2006

a typical day....

It's been hotter than hot here today... topped off with a NIIIIIIICE thunder storm! I got soaked through to my undies in less than a minute going out to check if the back gate was still shut. It was very refreshing though LOL

We "swam" in a giant paddling pool this morning- I never took our swimsuits out teh car from our holiday! and then we went and played in the sand this after noon... gosh, we could have been at the beach hehe.

beth learnt to paint today... she painted the paper, her face, my arm, her legs, her mouth (inside and out LOL) the easel and her shoes... oh and her sister too. then sian wanted in on the action so i painted her belly and back at her request. what else did beth get up to today... she ate the glue and pulled funny faces at teh taste of it (i would too!) and played iwth sand- probably ate that as well! she cruised the family room at an amazing rate and climbed on the "car" that sian "goes to the seaside" in.

tonight we wen tto the bowling alley so i could pick up the ball i sold on ebay and the girls got ice cream... that thunder storm only cooled the atmosphere a little! and we've added another sparky toy to our collection of park resorts limited editions (3x sparky and 1x sparkle to date)

i better get on with some ebay listings before i hit the hay for a couple hours!

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