Monday, November 07, 2005

Housing part 2 B&B

So, mum finally kicked us out this summer. Heck it was the summer from .... you know where! There i was 30-odd weeks pregnant and hanging around the housing dept. with an active 20month old in tow. NOT fun.

After about 3wks of bugging and being sent from pillar to post (read mums to housing!) we finally got a B&B place. I wouldn't house my worst enemy there. There were rats in the garbage bins in the garden.. so glad i didn't find *that* out till after we left cause i took sian out there to play a couple times. The knobs came off the drawers & wardrobe leaving sharp screws exposed right at sian's height in some cases.

We got lucky, mainly cause i just carried on bugging them even after they found us that place. So not worth £40/night... the local mcdonalds got a great deal from us cause it was the nearest place we could feed sian antyhgin dairy free.

Anyways. They offered us a 2bed maisonette about 10minutes from where my little sister lives. Only a temporary place, so you have no choice really but to say yes. So, we went off to look at it. And then the next day found out it hadn't been passed as fit for habitation. *great* it didn't look like it either but we could see the potential behind the loose hand rail on the stairs, lack of carpeting in a couple rooms and all the rubbish left from the previous tenants.

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